The smartphone industry has grown significantly in recent years, and the debate over native vs hybrid app development is perhaps the most heated topic among app developers.

The share of mobile phone traffic increased to 52.2 percent last year, demonstrating how useful and attractive app development is.

For many people, the availability of affordable cell phones and access to the internet has made a huge difference. People began to rely on smartphones, making it tough for developers to decide whether native app development or hybrid app development is best for their app.



A native app is a mobile application created exclusively for an Android or iOS operating system.

The app is built according to the OS’s technical and user experience guidelines, so it performs faster and has a comparable look and feel to the majority of the other native apps on the device. As a result, the end-user is more likely to learn how to navigate and utilise the app more quickly.

Native applications provide the advantage of instantly accessing and exploiting the user’s device’s built-in features, such as the contact book, GPS, and camera.

In a nutshell, native apps are designed in accordance with the user’s operating system’s guidelines.


Websites are combined into a native wrapper, and hybrid apps rely on cross-platform functionality.

Those applications appear to be native to your iOS device, but they aren’t. They’re usually limited to controls and navigational features, and they’re powered by a company’s website.

A hybrid app, on the other hand, is a web app developed with HTML5 and JavaScript and wrapped in a native vessel that loads the majority of the data on the page.

While native apps are designed with programming languages that are only supported by a single platform, hybrid apps are created with a single core code that works across both platforms. The development method is the major distinction between native and hybrid.


Both apps have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, one thing is certain: native app development is superior to hybrid app development. Hybrid apps are useful for folks on a small budget, but they are not the best option if you have a larger budget. Users are the ultimate decision-makers, thus you must present them with a fantastic interactive app with fantastic UI/UX, which is only feasible with Native apps.

By- Riya Datta

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